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Learning to play the piano will provide you with a lifelong sense of accomplishment, pride and enjoyment. London Piano Teachers Teachers offer private piano lessons and music theory for children, teens and adults of all ages and skill levels, guiding and challenging his students to reach their potential, while letting them pick their favourite music.Your resource for information about piano teachers in London.

Piano Lessons London

With London Piano Teachers you can be sure to get off to the right start, learning from one of Londons’s most qualified piano teachers, with finely tuned methods and a proven success rate for teaching piano lessons for beginners in London.Our most important goal is producing students who have excellent and versatile musical skills.  This is why our lesson curriculum is well rounded.London Piano Teachers offers piano lessons in London for all ages, levels and styles of music, in our conveniently located professional piano teaching studio.Browse our information about London Piano Teachers, or explore your options for piano lessons in London by visiting our pages on classical piano teachers, jazz piano teachers, pop/rock piano teachers, and beginners’ piano lessons.

London Piano Lessons

Piano lessons with our teachers are £40 per hour.
  • Piano lessons with our teachers are £40 per hour.
Piano lessons with our teachers are £50 per hour.

London Piano Lessons

Beginners & Children's lessons of 45 minutes, for £40
  • Piano lessons with our teachers are £35 per 3/4 hour.
Beginners & Children's lessons of 45 minutes, for £40

Young Children half-hour lessons for £30.

Young Children half-hour lessons for £30.
  • Piano lessons with our teachers are £30 per half hour.
Young Children half-hour lessons for £30.

Piano teachers in London

Piano teachers in London specialising in beginners’ piano lessons have qualifications, experience, and a unique skill set specifically geared towards teaching beginner students.The beginning stages of learning to play the piano can be the most important, and it’s essential to have a well-qualified piano teacher who listens and caters your piano lessons in London to your needs and wishes.

Children’s Piano

We believe that the benefits of music lessons for children are multifold.  The benefits of early music lessons range from boosting a child’s academic scores to increasing confidence and self-motivation; music lessons can promote early reading ability and can help prevent memory loss among older adults.  Music lessons can help teach a child to focus and can help develop better problem-solving ability

Learn Piano

Along with being fun, our music lessons provide students with opportunities to challenge themselves, learn self-discipline and goal setting, develop focus, and promote self-expression.Young, passionate and energetic music teachers here to help you realise your musical potential. Each person, whether a young child, adolescent or adult has individual learning needs and patterns.


PLL has nurtured and guided hundreds of piano students on their musical journeys, from beginners to advanced piano students.  We has successfully prepared dozens of piano students for RCM exams and music festivals and her students have been accepted into university music programs.We tailor my teaching method to allow my students to learn at his or her own pace and style of learning.

We Believe

We believe that to truly learn to play the piano, you must want it in your heart.  My teaching methods encourage, foster and  gently prod my students to go beyond their expectations.We believe that  basic piano techniques must be learned from the beginning and must be learned well.   These fundamental  piano techniques will be the platform for each of my students  success.

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